It is an herbaceous and aromatic plant with simple, lanceolate leaves.

The stem of the mint has a variable length of 30 cm to one meter; It can have a coloration that goes from green to violet. The leaves contain glands rich in essential oils that give the characteristic aroma. They are simple, of green color more or less intense, opposite and commonly lanceolado and covered by a light fluff. The flowers appear in inflorescences integrated in the armpit of the leaves, arranged in a crown on the knots, very close, so much that they look like a spike.

In addition to using it to prepare desserts and drinks, mint can also combine very well in vegetable stews, as well as meats or pasta, soups, sauces, tea, mint tea, among others.

It brings a unique flavor to our meals, whether they are starters, main dishes or desserts.