It is a very aromatic herb, with an aniseed and lemony smell. It belongs to the family of the Umbelliferae (although in some sources it is said to be herbaceous). Its erect fragile and very thin stem, branched at the tip, can exceed one meter in height. It has a long and thin root, its leaves are of an attractive turquoise green color, which culminate in small and attractive yellow flowers arranged in umbels, and fruits. It grows in temperate, warm, humid, fertile climates. This plant takes advantage of both seeds and leaves, has healing properties and applications in health.

Used as a condiment in stews of fish, veal and pork. You can add to the salads, seafood, soups, vinaigrettes, cold sauces. Excellent with smoked salmon, cucumbers, beet and liquid cream for cooking.

In infusions helps to relieve menstrual pain, strengthens the immune system, calm nausea, Helps prevent colds.