Perejil crespo

C U R L Y - P A R S L E Y

Herbaceous aromatic and medicinal plant with curly leaves The parsley plant grows in a plume shape until it reaches an average height (60 cm in cultivated soils), with a multitude of stems from which 7 or 8 clover-shaped, curly and flat leaves are born. dark green. The flowers, flattened and with greenish-yellow tones, have an average size of 6 cm and the fruits, used as seeds.

It is used as a seasoning to season practically all foods, be they fish, in salads, soups, red and white meats, French omelette. also in green sauce, alone or with garlic, mixed with capers.

Parsley sauce is especially delicious with ham, butter with parsley and garlic is a classic way to accompany snails; It is also delicious with mussels and many other fish and vegetables.

It is recommended to take a cup of this infusion before consuming any food, in this way we will have a good digestion.